To apply for a course, please follow these steps

Applying for a course

Important Notice

How to apply for a course

After reviewing the Code of Discipline and checking the centre link at the bottom of this page, you may then apply for the course using the online application form. Applications by post or fax are no longer accepted. A student may apply to only one course at a time in Japan regardless of the center location or waiting list status. Please note course registration opens two months before the start of a course.

Mobile Telephone Email Addresses
Please note that we are unable to accept applications which use EZWEB, DoCoMo or other mobile telephone addresses as the contact email address as these services may block international email communications and prevent us from being able to complete the confirmation of your application.

Please provide an alternative computer linked email address -- eg Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. when submitting your application.
If you are using a spam filter on your email account, please lift this block to ensure that emails from or are let through.

Serving Courses
Old Students who wish to help serve the course are asked to complete an online application form and select the 'Servers' button at the bottom of the page at Step 3. 

Requirements to serve a course
All servers must have completed a ten-day Vipassana course with Mr. S.N. Goenka or one of his assistant teachers and not practised any other meditation or healing techniques since their last Vipassana course. The conditions of participation are subject to change due to health or other reasons and will be communicated at the time of application.

10-Day Courses
Please note that all 10-day courses begin the evening of the first day and end by 07:00am on the morning of the last day.

Kyoto Dhamma BhanuChiba Dhammadicca
Kyoto Dhamma BhanuChiba Dhammadicca
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